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Writing A Research Paper: Rules For High School And College Students

While writing a research paper, the student must pay attention to several technicalities that are absolute necessities for such papers. In both high schools and colleges, thesis papers are serious matters that students must approach with the highest level of care and attention. An organised and structured mind set is a must, in such cases. Students must know what the rules are and understand them prior to starting to write their papers.

Understanding the level

Dissertations can be of different types, depending on the purpose for which it is being formulated. A research paper that is expected of a school student will, obviously, not be as fine and technical as one that a college student is expected to script. Hence, it is highly important that the student first understand the set of criteria that he or she is expected to fill so that the paper is up to the mark. This is an integral part of producing a good paper.

Figuring out the formatting pattern

A dissertation must abide by a certain formatting style. Different schools and colleges prefer different formats and, hence, it is preferable that the students consult with the teachers or professors regarding the matter. However, once the student sets his mind on a certain formatting pattern and starts the paper in that manner, he or she must be careful not to divert to a different style in the middle of the paper. The format must be uniform throughout the paper. The style chosen must be neat and presentable, and in accordance with the subject matter of the thesis.

Choosing a good topic

The key component of any good dissertation paper is a topic that is close to the author’s heart for then he or she will be able to articulate his or her opinions and views much better. The subject matter of the paper must also be one for which information is readily available. Choosing a topic that is relevant to the modern era also helps provide an extra boost to the student’s paper. The student must try his best to choose offbeat topics so that his thesis stands out among the crowd.

Keeping in mind the deadline

Students should pay heed to the deadline for submission because:

  • Marks may be deducted due to late submission.
  • In case the teacher or professor is very strict, he or she may outright refuse to accept the paper.
  • It creates a kind of negative reputation about the author’s lack of professionalism in the mind of the reviewer.

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Ask the right questions

There are times when you don’t understand exactly what you have to do, and this is completely ok as long as you to find out what is the answer to the problem.

The best person to help you is your professor, so every time there is something you don’t know, ask him.

Many students avoid doing this, but it will help you more than you think and you will actually develop your skills.

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