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Hints for creating a research paper on brand loyalty

There are many different avenues that a research paper writer could take with the topic of brand loyalty. Here are some helpful tips and ideas that will help create the most creative, interesting essay regarding the topic chosen:

  1. The start of any good paper should be to identify your topic. Let the reader know what brand loyalty is.
  2. Next, you should explain why companies push for the loyalty of their consumers, such as repeat buying and positive feedback and publicity.
  3. Following the explanation of the purpose of brand loyalty, go on to explain why it is essential to creating the bond and devotion between the consumer and the brand.
  4. List the benefits of brand loyalty such as: maintaining existing customers, gaining new customers, bestowing rewards amongst customers to assure their continuing loyalty; it creates advocates for your brand who will advertise and defend the company.
  5. Next, you could link known brands to the competition between other brands. For example, you could compare Apple and Samsung users, the differences in prices, the loyalty differences and similarities between the two. There are many different things you could use as examples, but cellphones are so common which makes this an excellent example.
  6. You could list celebrities that have created their own brands and use their own names as marketing tools to draw in loyal customers. E.g. The Kardashians, specifically Kylie Jenner and the ever popular Kylie Lip Kit, Jennifer Lopez and her J.Lo clothing line, Kanye West and his Yeezus clothing line, Brittany Spears and her perfume line, the possibilities are endless.
  7. You may also go in depth with the psychological reasoning behind why people develop brand loyalty. Brand personalities are broken down into five categories: sincerity, ruggedness, competence, sophistication, and excitement. You could discuss the effects that each of these traits has on the consumer, and why they may draw people into a certain brand.
  8. The influences that affect brand loyalty are also important. The perceived value of the product, trust in the brand, and customer satisfaction are key influencing factors when determining brand loyalty.
  9. The issues of brand loyalty should also be presented because opposing sides should always be included in a well-rounded college-level paper. The downfall of product quality, unsafe products, and lackadaisical customer care could be detrimental to the loyalty between consumers and the products they love.

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